We acknowledge that the space in your home is valuable. We will show you silo designs that take maximum volume, - at minimum of space.
From experience we know that it is important to reduce frequency of filling a silo to one or two times per year. This gives you the best bulk delivery price and less administration.
From experience we know that a standard purchased silo seldom fits exactly into your basement and the filling volume may not be adequate for the purpose.
Depending on your yearly consumption of pellets, we normally recommend to install a silo with as much volume for one year consumption, but not more. A house in Scandinavia would normally need between 4 and 9 metric tonnes per year, equivalent to 8-15 m3 net volume.

If you don't have tools or skills yourself to build your silo, let your boiler supplier or carpenter do the job.
If you purchase a feed system from Matene, we can assist you with drawing examples and other information.
Matene also undertake installations of silos but limited to our own region. For international clients with larger project, we can undertake project management/design with erection assistance from your local workers.

Particles in Motion
Matene AS
V-bottom silo with a V that is stretched through the silo length. The silo have outlets every 50cm.
Semi V-bottom silo. The silo conveyor motor is accessible from the back part of the silo.
V-bottom and flat bottom silo bottom. Twin silo conveyors useful in installations where.there are two boilers ore where one needs every available cubic meter.
In a flat bottom silo, the pellets will  shape a natural V cone and this is your reserve tank. You get more volume in the silo but It needs manual shovelling towards the outlets.
Under: The silo conveyor is actually located outside the silo and is acessible by moving the plate to the side.
The above silo design is currently beeing developed and will be presented at the World Bioenergy Exhibition 2012, Jönköping, Sweden in May. This is a steel silo that is extended to the ceiling with a flexible fabric for maximum filling degree. The steel sections are standard sizes 0,7m, 1m, 1,5m, 2,m, 2,5m and 3m. The largerst size silo will be 3 meters wide and 6 meters long (2 sections by 3m).
For further information or interest, see our partner www.akron.se or contact Matene.